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Freight Forwarding Business

Tangshan Port Hede Shipping Co., Ltd. is a national first-class international freight forwarding company. Its freight forwarding department has five business units: Fujian area freight forwarding unit, Yangtze River area freight forwarding unit, Shandong area freight forwarding unit, Northeast area freight forwarding unit, and headquarters freight forwarding unit. It can rely on its self-operated routes to provide efficient and fast airline transportation services to its customers. At the same time, it also works closely with other shipping companies to provide integrated logistics solutions to customers; Its small high containers can meet special transportation requirement such as large plate glass, equipment, etc. At present, it has branch offices in Panjin, Tangshan, Tianjin, Qingdao, Weifang, Rizhao, Nanjing, Shanghai, Quanzhou and other major ports. It fully utilizes the network and integrates itself with different modes of transport such as automobile transportation, railway, and bulk shipping to provide door-to-door logistics solutions and last-mile services.

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Business Advantages

So far, we have reached cooperation with more than 1,000 vehicles and signed up agreements with more than 100 fleets.

Transport goods: grain, coal, steel, mineral powder, PVC, alkali, paper, Cement, scrap steel, ceramics, tiles ,starch, fertilizer, high-speed train seats and other goods.


Hede has set up the PC side and WeChat side of the booking platform “Dexingtianxia”, through which customers can know the shipping date, freight rate and the dynamic information of goods that customers pay more attention to anytime and anywhere.

Through the network, shippers and customers can be provided with ship date selection, online price comparison, order booking, order confirmation, document tracking, freight payment, mobile inquiry and tracking of goods from shipment to delivery in real time, which can not only reduce the time cost and operation cost, but also achieve the purpose of improving efficiency.