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Tangshan Port Hede Shipping Initiated International Container Liner Route between Jingtang Port and Pyeongtaek Port
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March 30, the opening ceremony of “Jingtang - Pyeongtaek International Container Liner Route” of Tangshan Port Hede Shipping kicked off at the container wharf of Tangshan Port. 
Qiu Jian, Vice Mayor of Tangshan Municipal People's Government, announced that the international container liner route from Tangshan Port to Pyeongtaek Port, South Korea became officially available. 
\  ▲ Qiu Jian Announced Its Official Launch
Huang Yugang, Secretary of Party Work Committee and Director of the Administrative Committee of Port Development Zone of Tangshan City, delivered a speech that the Port Development Zone will take the launch of the container liner as an opportunity to properly release the potential of the port, proactively integrate into the “Belt and Road Initiative” construction, and put forth effort to build an international transportation and logistics hub accessible to Japan, South Korea, North East Asia, Central Asia, and Europe;  it will vigorously build a new pattern of all-round opening to the outside world, speed up the construction of a global port, a strong economic zone and a happy city, and endeavor to shoulder the heavy burden and take the lead in the new journey of expediting the implementation of “Three Efforts Policy” in Tangshan. 
 ▲Speech by Huang Yugang
Xuan Guobao, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Tangshan Port Group, made a speech at the opening ceremony. He stated that with the strong leadership of Tangshan Municipal Party Committee and Tangshan Municipal People's Government and the substantial support of competent authorities, industry associations and sister enterprises, we are sure to build the route from Tangshan Port to Pyeongtaek Port into a golden waterway carrying friendship and cooperation and driving opening and development; it will truly allow our customers to feel meticulous service and family-like care, and all partners to achieve coordinated and win-win development, thereby making greater dedications to accelerating the realization of “three efforts policy” in Tangshan. 
 ▲ Speech by Xuan Guobao
Zhang Shujun, General Manager of Hebei Huatong Wires & Cables Group Co., Ltd., was specially invited to give an address as the customer representative. 
▲ Speech by Zhang Shujun
The sky is clear and the sea is blue. Following the sound of a ship whistle, the cargo ship loaded with container goods slowly weighed anchor from Jingtang Port to Pyeongtaek Port, South Korea. It claims the seventh internationally direct container liner route to Northeast Asia launched by Tangshan Port Group. This route involves a 700 TEU Container ship invested by Hede to carry out weekly operation, which will release ongoing effect of aggregation and platform. Pyeongtaek Port marks the export freight port of destination of many enterprises in Tangshan, with steel, machinery, ceramics, chemicals, agricultural products and other goods involved. Stable route resources have secured the favor of shipping companies of South Korea and China. Accurate target positioning and flexible transportation mode have also grabbed the attention of an array of famous enterprises. 
As a backbone member of the shipping sector of Tangshan Port Group, Hede Shipping has always hammered at building the route to South Korea into a high-quality one. This shipping company provides customers with the optimal quality services with regard to port environment, wharf comprehensive services, container source guarantee, transportation network extension, bonded cross-border e-commerce policies, etc.