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Tatsuo Sugiyama, President of Nippon Express East Asia, Paid a Visit to Tangshan Port
Time:2021year09month16day Source:暂无

On the morning of April 6, SUGIYAMA RYUO, President of Nippon Express East Asia, and HAKEDA BEN, a director of Nippon Express Shanghai, came to Tangshan port. Zhang Zhihui, General Manager of Tangshan Port Industrial Group, received Tatsuo Sugiyama and his delegation at Heying Hall of Tangshan Port Building, introduced the development of foreign trade routes of Jingtang Port, and put forward deepening cooperation between two sides. He also proposed that Nippon Express may develop transit container business in Central Europe and Central Asia and internal branch line business around the Bohai Sea, expand the supply of goods to the West, and expressed hopes that Nippon Express can keep up increasing its support for the Japanese route of Tangshan Port. Tatsuo Sugiyama voiced his gratitude to the leaders of the Group for their warm reception, and stated that Nippon Express would further study the market development plan, make efforts to deepen mutual cooperation and continue to offer agency services for Hede Shipping. 
After the meeting, Chen Li, Executive Vice President of Hede Shipping Co., Ltd. and related leaders accompanied the delegation to stop off at the smart container wharf of Tangshan Port. 
The leaders of Shipping Co., Ltd. brought in the development plan and advantages of Tangshan Port to the guests in detail. When they arrived at the operation site of the container wharf, Mr. Tatsuo Sugiyama well acclaimed the wharf specialization and intelligence of Tangshan Port. 
Nippon Express Co., Ltd. is the largest comprehensive logistics enterprise in Japan. Its turnover ranks first in Japan and fifth worldwide. It is the supplier for wharf loading and unloading of Hede Shipping's route to Japan.