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Helping Enterprises to Resume Work and Production-HEDE is Taking Actions
Time:2022year06month29day Source:暂无

During the epidemic, Hede Company actively contacted enterprises in our city and took the initiative to communicate with the government departments, and formed a joint effort to revitalize multiple upstream and downstream links and opened up the container logistics port channel on the premise of strict cooperation with the government’s epidemic prevention and control policies. The company deepened and refined various work measures, coordinated the operation of releasing goods, realized efficient handling of businesses under the condition of epidemic prevention to the greatest extent, and made every effort to serve customers and help enterprises resume work and production.

On March 20, the epidemic prevention and control in Tangshan was upgraded, and the logistics of domestic and foreign trade enterprises in Tangshan was temporarily stagnant. Hede Company organized market personnel to actively contact the production and trade enterprises in Tangshan during the period of working from home to understand the difficulties and demands of enterprises in shipping logistics. Moreover, the company also actively contact the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Leting County Government, the County Commerce Bureau, the Development and Reform Bureau of the Harbour Development Zone, the Commerce Bureau and other relevant units to consult on the handling of port passes for foreign trade enterprises, and actively made suggestions for government departments to support enterprises to resume work. In combination with the Hede self-operated route network of Tangshan Port, the company took the initiative to undertake the export of goods to customers in Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. It is recommended that Hede Shipping shall issue supporting documents such as customers’ booking schedule, order number and other information to provide a basis for issuing a passport and obtain the recognition and support from government departments.


With the great support of government departments at all levels and the joint efforts of customers, the first batch of foreign trade export enterprise passes from container ports to Jingtang Port were approved on March 24. Hede Company has successively assisted Tangshan Guandong Precision, Huatong Cable, WS Fertilizer, Leting Jinxiang Broom, Heyuan Broom and other enterprises to successfully apply for the pass and achieve export and shipment through the Hede self-operated route in Tangshan Port. In particular, the company has assisted WS Fertilizer to transfer the 7 small containers that were originally planned to be booked in Tianjin Port due to traffic control to our port Jingtang-Shanghai foreign trade branch, and then transited the shipment to Indonesia from Shanghai. Meanwhile, the company also helped the enterprise to utilize the company’s Japan-South Korea route to import raw materials from Japan and South Korea, which successfully alleviated the dilemma of the company’s failure in importing raw materials and products, and provided strong support for helping companies to resume work and production.


In terms of service, the operation department of Hede will provide a 24-hour uninterrupted online service for customers, track the loading and shipping of containers throughout the whole process, issue bills of lading online, provide customers with the service of changing the original copy to electronic version for free, cooperate with the destination port agent to quickly exchange the bill of lading, and take a series of measures to ensure the timely cargo transportation during special periods.


Since the epidemic prevention and control, Hede Company has contacted more than 130 domestic and foreign trade factories and traders in Tangshan to understand the production situation of customers, inform them of the pass processing channels, and discuss logistics plans with customers to meet the urgent needs of customers. With the orderly unblocking of some counties and districts in Tangshan and the full removal of epidemic prevention and control in the city in the future, Hede will continue to actively contact enterprises in our city to communicate with relevant government departments, implement more preferential support policies, and actively provide logistics service assistance to customers and support the work and production resumption of enterprises in our city.